When will my order be ready?

Your order will be ready for the PPL courier or for pick up within 1-3 working days from accept the order (cash on delivery) or accept the payment. In the case of ordering products for with your own name and number (personalized products, etc.), we will enter them into production immediately after accepting the payment.



When can I pick up the order?

As soon as your order is ready at the Fanshop, you will receive an automatic e-mail requesting pick up. Please wait for this e-mail. For stock products, we will prepare your order within two working days, in the case of ordering the product for production, we will inform you about the transmit of the order to the supplier (immediately after accepting the payment). We will then inform you again by e-mail as soon as the goods arrive at the store.

You can pick up your prepared shipment at any time during the opening hours of the Fanshop.


 When will my shipment run out?

After handing over the shipment to the courier, you will receive an e-mail with information about the shipment and the tracking number of the shipment. You can see the delivery status of your shipment online, at the link below. Delivery time by courier is usually between 2-3 days in Czech Republic.

All you have to do is copy the shipment number into PPL's ​​application, which can be found at www.ppl.cz.



Why I didn´t received an email?

Please check the spam of your e-mail and at the same time the correctness of the e-mail you entered in the order. In case of further ambiguities, please contact our fanshop directly at the e-mail fanshop@fkdukla.cz.